WordPress Drill-Down Map Plugin - FAQ

Q: Drill-down map? What is it?

A: Drill-down map allows you to input all necessary information in two levels of detail. First level – is the division of map into several big areas (for example, states in the case of USA map or continent in the case of World map). Second level – is the division of the selected area map into several subregions (for example, counties in the case of USA map or countries in the case of World map). Each level can be customized separately.

Q: How can I use this interactive map?

A: Drill-down interactive map can be used on the WordPress-powered websites with different subjects: real-estate, corporate websites with large department structure, and so on.

Q: What versions of WordPress are supported?

A: Our interactive maps support WordPress versions 3.3 – 4.8 and above.

Q: How can I install interactive map into my WordPress website?

A: Our interactive maps for WordPress powered websites are supplied in the form of plugins. You can install the map into your website in two ways:

  • By uploading the .zip file with the plugin into your WordPress directory manually (through WordPress administrator console), with further installation and activation of the plugin;
  • By uploading the unpacked .zip file into your WordPress directory via FTP.

Note: to install any WordPress plugin you need the administrative privileges for your website.

For additional information see our "step-by-step manual".

Q: How can I embed this map on the website page?

A: You can embed the interactive map into the single page or post of your WordPress website with a special shortcode. You can see it on the "Plugins" page in your WordPress dashboard.

Note: for additional information see our "customization guide".

Q: What about mobile visitors of my website? Will they see these maps?

A: Our interactive maps are fully compatible with all modern mobile devices on Android/iOS so you will not worry about your "mobile" website visitors. Also our interactive maps work with all modern browsers.

Q: Can interactive map be responsive if I use a responsive WordPress template?

A: Of course, it can be responsive.

Q: Can I embed the interactive map into WordPress widget?

A: Yes, our interactive maps can be embedded into a WordPress widget with the same shortcode as for pages and posts.

Q: How can I customize this map?

A: All customization operations for WordPress maps can be made in WordPress administrator console. Note that you need to have administrator privileges to customize the map.

Note: see our "customization guide" for additional information.

Last updated on 6th Jul 2017