Getting Started

Interactive map is a powerful tool that can improve website usability and attract more visitors for better sales rate. Many companies from all over the world choose interactive maps to place geographical-related content like departments structure, statistical information, distribution network or real-estate objects in their corporate websites. is a popular interactive maps developer. We create mobile-friendly interactive maps that work on all modern browsers and Android/iOS mobile devices. Installation and customization of our interactive maps is easy and don’t require any special technical skills from website administrator.

To start working with interactive maps from you just need:

  • website with ability to upload the necessary files;
  • ability to input HTML code directly to web page.

In addition, if you are working with our WordPress interactive map plugin, you need to have:

  • administrative privileges for dashboard access (all customization is done in the dashboard) ;
  • administrative privileges to install plugins for WordPress.
Last updated on 17th Jan 2015